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Hi, I am Erica. I have always had an eye for numbers, money, and budgeting! What better career to have than accounting? I have been working in this industry off and on for almost 16 years. I have experience handling all things accounting, except for auditing and tax preparation. I launched my own business in January 2021 to create a space that my clients always feel welcome and heard. I take pride in the fact that when you call, text, or email you speak to me and me only!

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Integrity & Transparency

Ability to Prepare Financial Statements


New Business Registration

QuickBooks Online Setup/Training

Monthly Bookkeeping

Business Budgeting

Sales Taxes

Payroll/Payroll Taxes

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"Yes yes and yes! So happy I reached out to you"

"Thank you, you da best."

"I've been looking for someone to help me with these things, thank you so much!"



"Thank you for everything you do for me and my business. Truly appreciated. I'm SO happy to have you onboard now! Just tickled pink to be growing so fast in business."


"Thank you so very much for everything!!!  I hope you have a fantastic day!"

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